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Lifelong Miami resident Robertson Adams has fond memories of camping outside in the summer as a child.


As a current resident of Coral Gables, Adams — now 58 — commented

that he has watched the climate in South Florida change drastically since his childhood and that the new lows are not what they used to be.

A City Commission proposal for a temporary homeless camp in Virginia Key sparked mass controversy this week after Miami-Dade county leaders and citizens expressed a number of concerns, but the question of where the camp will be relocated remains unanswered.


Ukrainian immigrant and artist Taras Kazikov thought his generation

would be the first to be free from war and independent from the

Soviet Union.


Kazikov was born in the Soviet Union, and although Ukraine has been independent since 1991, he and his family always feared discussing politics between the two countries

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has released a study projecting that sea levels will rise 10 to 12 inches by 2050 if the federal government does not take substantial action to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Uyghur immigrant Hamid Kerim escaped persecution in China and became a successful businessman in the United States. But not many Uyghur people, including his own family, can say the same.

Terrence Rountree walks along the Miami Beach Boardwalk every morning to bask in the view of the ocean and greenery, but even he admits that the city will never look as it once did.

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