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A Little Bit About Me


My name is Taylor Gutierrez, and I am a Miami-based photojournalist. My love for photography and the arts, in general, began when I became a teenager. From the second I owned my first camera, I fell in love with capturing moments. I instantly felt inspired by my loved ones, beautiful scenery, and my passion for dance. 

While I have variety in my portfolio, my love for photography began with documenting dance. As a dancer for many years myself, I had the opportunity to capture movement on stage and attend performances often to hone my craft. Because of my love for photography, I ventured into the realm of photojournalism and then writing.

I recently graduated from Florida International University where I studied digital journalism and media marketing. This site serves as a portfolio of my work so far and I hope it represents what I can achieve from an artistic and professional standpoint. I hope you enjoy my work! Please refer to my contact information below for any inquiries.

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